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This Winter Cruise in Gulf Islands Was A Little Wet and Cold…….

It is now March 2020 and I think it has taken us three months to recover from our 14-day winter cruise through the Gulf Islands in December 2019. Maybe we are getting soft but the cold and the wet really wore us down this year. After the last 3 years of going to balmy warmth of Hawaii for a winter break from the rain and cold of Vancouver, this year because of finances we decided to go for two weeks through the BC Gulf Islands with Brentwood Bay Marina on Vancouver Island being our turnaround point. Unfortunately Carllie had a bit of the flu and eventhough it was nice and toasty on the boat, the dampness of the days with temperatures just above freezing and some rain every day took its toll. We did go to some new places: Ruckle Park on salt Spring, Russell Island, and Brentwood Bay, and had some nice walks and I even went paddle boarding a few times. Oh how we pined for the warmth of Kona and Maui at times. Here are a few pictures IMG_4340 IMG_4357 IMG_4322 IMG_4346 All is good now. Only 12 weeks until we go to Desolation Sound for our annual trip in June. We have had our screen saver at home rotating our pictures from last year trip to get us into the mood. So if you are suffering with the winter blues enjoy the photos below. Bye from Garett and Carllie up, in getting-sunnier-everyday, Vancouver. P1150772 IMG_4112 IMG_4010 IMG_3973 IMG_3388 IMG_3316 IMG_3280

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Garett Hennigan is a mechanical engineer who in partnership with his wife, Carllie, built a 28 foot catamaran, Light Wave, in 1999. He has sailed extensively with his wife through Mexico, Hawaii and now back in the Pacific northwest with over 20,000 sailing miles and over 5000 hours of boatbuilding experience.

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