Video – Sailing and Boatbuilding

Light Wave Has Been Stretched 5 Feet!

After 4 months in the boatyard we have lengthened our catamaran to 37 feet! Here is a finished photo. It was either sell Light Wave and find another boat so we cut our boat right in half and then added a five foot plug so we could create a passageway between the hulls effectively joining the whole boat together. It was a bigger project than we expected (it took 4 months and 1,000 hours…) , but we now have almost a new boat: roomier, faster, and nicer looking. So if you ever wanted to know what you could do with SawzAll reciprocating saw and lots of epoxy, watch this new video as it redefines extreme boatbuilding! This is the top rated video on YouTube if you search for “catamaran boatbuilding”! Enjoy

Swimming with the Sea Lion Pups of Puerto Refugio In the Sea of Cortez

A unique experience of Carllie swimming with a whole mess of sea lion pups in an isolated seldom visited area of the northern Sea of Cortez.

Visit with a Super Pod (300+) Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Pacific Ocean Crossing

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Voyage To Desolation Sound – Fun Movie Trailer #1

What you can do with an iPad and 10 free days in Desolation Sound

Adventure to Desolation Sound – Fun Movie Trailer #2