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How to Add 5 Feet to Your Cruising Catamaran

The Surgery is Over

Now that our major boat extension project (from 32 feet to 37 feet) is finished we have finally got around to a adding a documentary video on what and how we did it. It is not often you cut your boat right in half! See our “Cutting Light Wave in Half” video on YouTube.


We just got back from an 11 day winter cruise in our recently streched Light Wave. It was a little cold out there (next project ==> forced air heating!) but we did come across a super pod of several hundred pacific white sided dolphins and made a special video of the experience.


About Author

Garett Hennigan

Garett Hennigan is a mechanical engineer who in partnership with his wife, Carllie, built a 28 foot catamaran, Light Wave, in 1999. He has sailed extensively with his wife through Mexico, Hawaii and now back in the Pacific northwest with over 20,000 sailing miles and over 5000 hours of boatbuilding experience.


  1. When you streched your boat, did you change balance for and aft? Was there a change in handling?

    Thanks, BAW

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