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Best Trip to Desolation Sound Yet

We just had one of our best annual trips to Desolation Sound this past June. We summarized the trip with this new video of many of the highlights of this cruising ground using new aerial footage. We hope you enjoy it.

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Garett Hennigan

Garett Hennigan is a mechanical engineer who in partnership with his wife, Carllie, built a 28 foot catamaran, Light Wave, in 1999. He has sailed extensively with his wife through Mexico, Hawaii and now back in the Pacific northwest with over 20,000 sailing miles and over 5000 hours of boatbuilding experience.


  1. Hi Garett, greetings from Poland. You probably don’t know that, but you are my mentor. A few years ago, following your adventure with building and traveling a Gypsy, I decided to build a Gypsy as well. Launching next year, that’s my plan.
    Hence my request.
    Unfortunately, your Hardtop and Screecher construction articles are no longer available. Could you please share your experiences and give me access to these articles? I would be very grateful, these will be my next projects, maybe I’ll be in time before launching, I have a slight spare time.

    Best Regards,

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