Kabalarian Philosophy is Our Philosophy

We have left the demands and unnaturalness of city living for two years of simple cruising on our Richard Woods-designed catamaran so that we may experience the freedom from pressures placed on us by city living in an unnatural and unhealthy economic system. Our philosophy of life has evolved over the years and has largely grown from our study of the Kabalarian Philosophy, a “one-stop-shop” where we found answers to so many of our questions as well as practical and practicable solutions to the many problems faced by humankind today. In some ways, in this cruising life we are “off the grid” as we are self-sufficient to a degree. However, the values and philosophy of our lives has been based on seeking answers to these questions, among others:
  1. Why does man have mind?
  2. If other species have a purpose in life (and they do), then what is man’s purpose?
  3. What is human mind and how is it created?
  4. How is thought formed?
  5. Where do thoughts come from?
  6. What causes people to think the way they do?
  7. What controls the pattern of one’s thinking?
  8. What causes some thoughts persistently to intrude in to some people’s thinking?
  9. Why do really good people who give to others and society sometimes have tragic lives, while selfish greedy people who contribute nothing to the welfare of their fellowmen can go through life without such grief befalling them?
  10. Is language important? If so, how?
  11. Science understands and explains every aspect of the physical world by applying mathematics. (Our sailing adventure is governed and has been created by mathematics.) Can human mind and the mental world in which we live be understood as thoroughly and completely with mathematics? How? How can you measure a purely non-physical energy? We can measure energy, so why not mind and thought?
  12. If we acknowledge that the principle governing the creation of human mind is the relationship between mathematics, language, name, mind and consciousness, how is it possible that such a seemingly advanced world does not recognize it? Or is this principle known and utilized in certain select societies that govern the world?
  13. Can men and women master their destinies? How?
  14. Do we have to be held ransom by the medical system? Are most of us fated to die of some dread disease? Does our thinking contribute to or create illness? How? Can a name cause health problems? What other factors are involved in creating and maintaining vibrant good health?
  15. Why do millions of “good people” have unfulfilled and frustrating, if not unhappy and tragic, lives? It seems callous and unfeeling to suggest this is “God’s plan” or the natural development of any consistent natural law.
  16. Why, after thousands of years of religious domination, is the world in such a state of warfare, economic and political machinations resulting in lives of literal slavery for the average person, and the continued threat and reality of fatal diseases and epidemics? Why have these globally accepted religions failed to provide man the ability to solve these basic problems that plague his existence more now than ever before?
  17. What is my life’s purpose? Is there one? Or am I simply to forget any such lofty ideas and settle down to raising more children, assuming a mortgage and personal debt, then spend my life paying it off? Finally to save some credits to spend some time enjoying life free from debt and the pressures of running on the universally accepted treadmill of commerce that I get sick?
There are endless questions. We find ways to dull the need for answers, the dissatisfaction with our world, but any thinking mind must recognize the need for answers, for a logical principle of life that they can use to create happiness, abundance, and fulfillment and to create a desirable world for future generations. If you are one of those thinkers, we urge you to look into the Kabalarian Philosophy. Find out about how your name has created your personality and life wiht a free Name Report at the www.kabalarians.com web site and join a movement of like-minded people seeking to change the world by starting with changing their own world.