Construction Costs

What are the Construction Costs for a Catamaran?

The total construction cost in 1999 to build our 28 foot Woods Gypsy catamaran
was $60,000 USD for
a 4,000 pound boat. This works out to $15 per pound.. This was for a basic equipped
boat that we sailed in for a couple of years. We have added a further $20,000
over the last 7 years to get it offshore ready.

Our boat is valued at $120,000 USD so for our 3,500 hours of work we made abut
$11 per hour (after tax value).

My rule of thumb is that is for a basic catamaran that you can take out cruising,
you will spend $15 per pound. If you want to have it equipped for offshore trips
and long term cruising you are at $20 per pound. If the boat you are comtemplating
building has an empty weight of 8,000 pounds you wil spend between $120,000
and $160,000. With the 7,000 hours you would put into it, it would be worth
around $250,000 USD.