Happy Home Solutions Co.

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Let Happy Home Solutions Co. create a Happy Home for you with our organizing, cleaning, personal shopping, meatless cooking, secretarial, and pet care services.

Servicing Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby.

Also will pack and/or clean homes to sell, keep your house liveable and clean during renovations or do spring cleaning. (Don’t you just dread taking all the stuff out of drawers and closets to clean them and cleaning walls and ceilings?) Clothes-ironing services on request. Every customer gets a surprise gift when job is complete!

A Happy Home is one that welcomes you with an energy and peace that lifts and inspires you.

Let’s get together to create your Happy Home! Payment for minimum 3 hours of work required on arrival (cash or cheque). Rate: $30/hour.

Call or text Carllie at 604-790-6632.

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